The Henry County Humane Society (HCHS) has made some amazing changes in the last year. With special thanks to very dedicated and compassionate individuals, the shelter is on the way toward innovation. Working toward a better tomorrow with the animals of today, the HCHS is pleased to continue on the journey as a no-kill facility. The HCHS no longer euthanizes healthy animals for space restrictions. We will also try within reasonable attempts to treat illnesses and injuries.


It is our mission to not only protect the lives of animals, but to ensure the safety of our community as well. By caring for and re-homing animals that would otherwise be forgotten and dismissed; it is our duty to provide services such as testing, spaying, neutering, and immunizations by promoting adoptions of healthy animals, and preventing the spread of animal diseases. It is also our goal to promote responsible ownership. 

We at the HCHS are dedicated to improving the welfare of companion animals through education and awareness. We are in constant need of volunteers willing to aid in the care of the animals in need, loving individuals or families willing to extend their home by either rescue or fostering, and those willing to lend a hand for fundraising events.

Our hope for the future is that there will no longer be unwanted, unloved, or abandoned companions. We wish to find permanent, forever homes for these animals. We believe that with the involvement of our wonderful community, we will make a significant difference in the eyes of our furry friends. Together we can make that difference!

Live Long and Pawspurr!!

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Question: How can one person
 save 100 homeless cats?

Answer:  Just spay ONE!  Will you be the one to help spay one, or maybe 100, or maybe 1000?  Please contact us if you are interested.  

Remember your contribution is tax deductible.  The Henry County Humane Society receives NO tax dollars, and relies on funds raised from contributors like you, our bingo game and other fundraising activities. 
Please consider the Humane Society as your "charity of the donor's choice" when paying tribute to a departed loved one. 

You can donate online right from here,
or send your donation to the shelter:
1136 Independence Drive, Napoleon, OH  43545

And if you'd
like to help us with a fundraising event to continue with our financial recovery, 
please contact us.

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