Henry County Humane Society is undergoing some exciting changes right now, and want our Friends to know that we are pressing forward and would like to start bringing in animals to shelter again as soon as possible! That's our short term goal…helping the animals is our first priority!

Friends, we are we currently receive no government help or funding.  This is why we need community help desperately to become the shelter we know we can be and help the animals again!!! 

 Help us open the doors again to surrendered animals and adoption!  We don’t want people to abandon pets they can’t care for… if you love animals, and want to help, please donate online or visit the shelter.

For all that already have or make monthly donations, thank you so much! Every little bit helps! ­ 

Looking for a fast and easy way to help local animals?  Please use our secure online donation spot.  

You can donate directly to the Humane Society online!

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Thanks for Caring!!

Use this email address to add a message to your donation or to report problems:  staff@henryhumane.org

Question: How can one person
 save 100 homeless cats?

Answer:  Just spay ONE!!!!!   Will you be the one to help spay one, or maybe 100, or maybe 1000?  Please contact us if you are interested.  

Shelter Hours
Monday - 11:30 am to 5:30 pm
Tues, Thurs, Fri 
11:30 am to 1:30 pm
Closed Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday

Mrs. WiggleBottoms

Severe Dog Illness in Ohio

A must read for Dog Owners; Rush to a Vet if your dog
shows symptoms....


Due to financial difficulties
beginning Thursday, August 15, 2013
the Humane Society will no longer be accepting dogs from the public.  

Please see our full News Release
for more information. 

Please stick with us and lend a hand as we work for positive change and financial recovery.
Thank you for caring.
~The Humane Society Board and Staff

Remember your contribution is tax deductible.  The Henry County Humane Society receives NO tax dollars, and relies on funds raised from contributors like you, our bingo game and other fundraising activities. 
Please consider the Humane Society as your "charity of the donor's choice" when paying tribute to a departed loved one. 

You can donate online right from here,
or send your donation to the shelter:
1136 Independence Drive, Napoleon, OH  43545

And if you'd
like to help us with a fundraising event to continue with our financial recovery, 
please contact us.

Have you seen these license plates?  
Did you know that proceeds for the sales of these plates help save pet lives?  

Learn about how you can help the 

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