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Animal Fostering Program

We are in need of fosters! The shelter life can be a very stressful environment for nursing mamas and their babies. Because newborns are being supplied immunities from their mother the first several weeks of life, they are left very vulnerable until those immunities are established.

We are looking for warm and caring people to open their homes temporarily to foster these mothers and babies. Also, we often have small kittens that no longer need their mommy, but still require several weeks of growth before they can be available for adoption. Additionally, fostering promotes positive contact and socialization. The goal is to find furever families and homes for our animals, and what better place to live the experience than in a home?

How fostering works- When the kittens are ready to be vaccinated we will supply those needs. Once the kittens are old enough, and ready to start their new journey, they can return to the shelter, and be made available for adoption. There will be no obligation to keep any kitties once the fostering is complete. If you are interested please contact us either via Facebook, shelter phone (419) 592-3777, or stop in and visit!

Thank you!!