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Surrender Information

    We at the Henry County Humane Society understand that life changes and sometimes unavoidable situations occur. We also understand that seemingly unwanted or abandoned animals may be in need of a second chance, and not all people are able to house those animals in need. When all possible solutions are exhausted, and surrender is the only remaining solution, please understand the following:

    We are a closed County, no-kill facility that does not euthanize for space, and as a result our capacity limits are greatly dependent on our adoptions. There will be times when a wait list is necessary. We cannot guarantee the length of our wait list, which can vary from one week to several months. Our wait list is first come first serve. We at the HCHS understand that there are many animals that are in need of tender loving care.

    We are a nonprofit organization that relies on adoptions, surrenders, donations/memorials, fundraisers, and Bingo. Surrender fees are required for all animal surrenders. We strive for finding the best possible homes, which can take some time. Caring for animals can be quite costly, and adoption fees do not always cover all costs. Some animals also require more medical attention than others. We do our very best to promote optimal animal health.

Did you find a dog? The Henry County Humane Society cannot accept lost/found dogs. If you have found a dog, and you are unsure who the dog belongs to, please contact the Henry County Dog Shelter at (419) 748-7298. The shelter is located at P772 St Rt 65, McClure, Ohio. Please refrain from transporting the dog to our shelter.

Behavioral issues? If you are looking to surrender your animal based on behavioral problems please reconsider! We do not have veterinarians on staff, but there are animal behavioral specialists that we can connect you with.

Moving? If you are moving and you have not been able to successfully obtain a pet friendly place to live, and surrendering is the only feasible option, please contact us as far in advance as possible. If you are moving tomorrow and need a place to take your animal today, we may not have the space available, and placing your animal at top priority is not fair to those who have been waiting patiently.

    Please be courteous of our wait list. We are doing the very best we can to ensure that all animals have a chance at a happy and healthy life. If waiting is simply not an option there are other shelters/rescues you can try. Note that many other shelters cannot help those out of their county. Wood County and Fort Defiance are not able to accept out of county animals, especially felines.

               Below is a list of area shelters/rescues who may be able to assist you:

Animal House Rescue- 419-276-5699
Maumee Valley Save-A-Pet- 419-537-9663
Planned Pethood- 419-826-3499
Toledo Area Animal Shelter- 419-382-1130
Toledo Area Humane Society- 419-891-0705
Paws and Whiskers- 419-536-1914
Williams County Humane Society- 419-636-2200
Wood County Humane Society- 419-352-7339
Fort Defiance Humane Society- 419-658-2298
Friends of Felines- 419-393-2400
Fulton County Humane Society- 419-349-3841
Pets Without Parents- 614-267-7297

    Remember, the very best way to prevent unwanted animals is to spay/neuter. If every person was able to spay/neuter one stray cat in their lifetime, it would greatly reduce the population. Taking a found animal "out to the country" may seem like a reasonable solution, but doing so does far more harm than good. Redistributing animals into strange locations can spread illness very rapidly, and if those animals are not spayed/neutered the situation continues to grow. For questions regarding low cost spay/neuter options please contact Humane Ohio at 419-266-5607.