Feral Cat Info

Warning- Please remember that unauthorized "dumping" of domesticated animals is forbidden and punishable by law. If you are doing the right thing by spaying and neutering, but doing the wrong thing by dropping off animals "in the country", you are still breaking the law. It is always best to ask the property owners if they are willing to permit the release of cats once alterations have been completed. We cannot take feral cats. By signing up for the Humane Ohio transport you are in agreement that you will be picking the cats up that you are dropping off unless arrangements are made with staff. These arrangements are limited and require proper forms approved by staff. If you are found in breech of this agreement, we will not accept any further applications or surrenders from you. 


Each month we offer Humane Ohio Transports. This is in an attempt to help control the feline population in our community.

How it works-
  • Sign up ahead of time by coming into the shelter to fill out the form. Each cat requires an individual form.
  • The cost is $31 with ear-tip. With this $31 the cat(s) will receive an ear-tip and a small abdominal tattoo to indicate that surgery has been completed. This is extremely helpful if you or someone else is trapping cats. The ear-tip can prevent unnecessary surgery. If you are still not comfortable with the idea of ear-tipping, the cost is $52. Payment is required prior to surgery. We can only accept cash or checks. Checks must provide ID/Driver's License number.
  • The transport goes out early in the morning. All animals are to be dropped off by 5pm the day before. The transport returns approximately 5:30- 6pm the next day. Please be on time for pick-up.
  • Cats MUST be in a live-trap or hard plastic carrier. There may be no more than one cat per carrier/trap. Please be sure to place newspaper or an old towel at the bottom of the cage/carrier/trap to absorb any urine. This will protect the animals from urine burn. Also, please ensure the containers are safe and secure. Cloth, wire pop-up, or cardboard carriers are strictly prohibited. 
  • If the cat is feral, but in a carrier instead of a trap, please label the carrier as dangerous.
  • Other services, such as nail trims, flea treatment & dewormer, and vaccinations (FVRCP-cat, DA2PP-dog, and Rabies) are available at further request at an additional cost.