BINGO is BACK!!!  Join us every Monday night for fun.

Since 1998, the HCHS has been successfully operating a State licensed bingo game to help keep our shelter operating. This is important to our shelter as we receive no county or state funding. Players and volunteers are always welcome!  

Monday nights @ the Filling Home - 470 Independence Drive, Napoleon, Ohio.  Doors open at 5pm - games start at 7pm.  

470 Independence Dr

Must at least 18 years of age for entry. You must play bingo or volunteer to be present. Volunteers may arrive as early as 4PM to assist with set up. (Please contact us in advance if you choose to help with set up.)

You may bring your own food into the building.



        9 Faces .............$12.00
      12 Faces .............$15.00
      18 Faces .............$21.00
      24 Faces .............$25.00
             (two 12 face packets played by one person)
      36 Faces .............$35.00
             (two 18 face packets played by one person)
      Jackpot Strips (3 faces) $1.00
              (This is needed for the optional Crazy Letter “T” game that is NOT included in the packet.)

Pull tab instant tickets are also available for $1 each.

Players are also welcome to participate in our Hot Ball. Hot Ball is a Bingo version of a 50/50 raffle. Each night players may pay $1 to enter their name into the drawing. Before the games begin a ball is pulled from the hopper at random, and this ball number becomes the "Hot Ball". If you Bingo on the Hot Ball, you win the pot! If the pot is not won then the balance goes to the next week. (Multiple winners share the pot.) If you Bingo on the Hot Ball, but did not sign up, you are not eligible to win.

Lucky Balls may be purchased for an additional $5 when you purchase your game packet. The Lucky Ball is a number that you pick (between 1 and 75). That number acts as an additional "Free Space". You may pre-dauber your additional free space before the games begin. Please note: Lucky Balls may not be shared. Your chosen number and initials will be written on the back of your game packet(s). If you Bingo using your Lucky Ball, please have the number visible, and notify the volunteer that it was used.

-Other information-

The amount we pay out for each night is determined by the size of the crowd so that we make sure we take in enough money from paper sales to cover the total bingo payouts. The current minimum is $20, with a maximum of $100 (for 160 players or more). State law prohibits more than $3500 for total packet payouts.

For volunteers- State law prohibits volunteers if they have a felony for any reason. Volunteers are needed to sell tickets, help with counter sales, cleanup, set up, and to manage concessions.

For cancellations, check this Facebook, or call the Animal Shelter at 419-592-3777.  Unexpected game cancellations will be announced on WNDH (103.1), WBNO (100.9), WDFM (98.1), and WMTR (96.1) radio stations. Games will be cancelled for holidays (if they fall on Monday) such as Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Christmas, and New Years. Games will also be cancelled for level 2 Snow Emergencies.

Please follow our Bingo page any other questions!

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